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High Efficiency Products
Series Resonant inverter

As PSTEK’s unique SCR circuitry methods based on electromagnetic design concepts fit to characteristics of high frequency induction heating, it boasts high efficiency. High efficiency not only helps to save power cost but also contributes to the environment by greatly reducing CO2.

Minimizes switching loss in use and increases the efficiency
Inherent layer type C/T of PSTEK

As PSTEK’s transformer with multi copper lamination technology is made with new concept and it is applied for an international patent. With dramatic improvements on the skin effect and proximity effects, it is more efficient than winding type transformers by 20%.
(It is patented item of our company and it is more efficient than Linear Transformer by 20%)


ㆍ Synchronous Rectifier Type Series Resonant Converter for Operating in HICK-UP mode
ㆍ Method for Boost Control of Series Resonant Converter with Synchronous Rectifier

International Patent

ㆍ Transformer having Multi-layered Winding Structure (PCT/KR2005/001146)

High Function Products
High frequency and large capacity

We are fabricating high frequency and large capacity products and a single product of 100kHZ/5000kW is manufactured, installed and operated.

Using IGBT and Switching into the high frequency area of 60KHZ, it produces mega watt output. This is the frequency area that cannot be controlled by SCR or MOSFET and has the largest capacity among products using IGBT in Korea.
Uninterruptible parallel operation

Inverter that enables uninterruptible parallel operation was developed.

3-4 machines are composed by division into 1500~2000kW and Integrated control system of the nuero-fuzzy type among all equipments is composed as a high speed type. When the equipment has a problem, the line’s PLC controls induction heating system and line speed so that the total heating capacity necessary for the work is provided by the single equipment. All the other equipments automatically counterbalance and there will be no problem in production

Inverter providing dual-frequency was developed. The product enables to select dual-frequency so that the optimum frequency is obtained according to the size and form of heated products.

Dual-frequency: Heat treatment processing is necessary with adjustment of tensility, hardness and depth of hardened layer of gears when doing heat treatment of crane, excavators and ring gears of large vehicles. For this, heating shall take place with different frequency areas, heating by dividing frequency areas with identical coils by induction heating and power supply becomes possible. Thus, the high quality of the product is assured and performance of two equipments is materialized with a single power supply

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