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What is Induction Heater for melting furnace?
This is a method to heat a material with magnetic field created by induced current produced as electricity is made to run the coils surrounding the crucible in the furnace and it is mainly used for melting metals. Length of time for melting, temperature and capacity of melting are decided according to heating efficiency of coils installed in the output and power supply equipment. As melting in the way of high frequency induction heating is produced considering such elements, stable and high level of production efficiency is expected.
Protective Functions
– IGBT Short Circuit Protection
– Coil Short Circuit Protection
– Protection of flow of cooling water
– Protection of overheat of cooling water
– Protection of input of resonant capacitor
– Protection of overheat of resonant capacitor
– Protection of oscillation frequency and abnormalities
– Protection of over voltage and over current of each part
– Protection of cooling pipe from electric corrosion (DI filter)
Characteristics of PSTEK
– Power supply with series resonance using IGBT
– Fast speed of melting through highly efficient design
  (As speed becomes faster, improvement in amount of hourly production and reduction of
  electricity cost are possible)
– Broad output is possible
  (Sufficient output → reduction of melting time → increase of amount of melting→ improvement of
– Reduction of probability of hitches through the simple internal structure
– Security of stability and reliability with various protection functions
– Digital control circuits (Precise and excellent with repetition and reappearance)
– Automatic sintering operation (Reduction of labor, time and cost through automatic drive)
– Reasonable price compared to other excessively expensive IGBT
Specified Melting Speed

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