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Pipe Application

Pipe Welding
This product is a pipe electric welder, is not adopt vacuum tube. Instead this product adopt device of MOSFET system to improve efficiency and it is easy to maintenance.
ㆍ Power: 150kW~400kW / 150~450kHz
ㆍ Swithch: MOSFET multi module
ㆍ Pipe Diameter: 11~150(mm)
ㆍ Interface: PLC, remote console, operation pannel
ㆍ Work Coil: Longitudinal type

Pipe Seam Annealing
Installed in pipe welder latter part, remove welding residual stress at seam part when perform tube mill.
ㆍ Power: 500kW / 3kHz
ㆍ Material: Steel Pipe

Pipe Hardening & Tempering
For Large size pipe bending such as Atomic plant and oil pipe, applied Dual frequency for variable thickness of pipe.
ㆍ Power: 100kW / 1kHz (5set)
ㆍ Material: 4~9″ Steel Pipe
ㆍ Heating Temp:
     – Hardening(1000℃)
     – Tempering(700℃)

Pipe Bending
This product is using high-frequency induction heating to adjust heating angle easily, able to bend large size pipe. (oil pipeline, using in nuclear power plant pipe).
ㆍ Power: 300kW / 1,3kHz
    1000kW / 0.5,1kHz
ㆍ Material:
     – 6~20″ Steel(sus) pipe
     – 20~48″ Steel(sus) pipe
ㆍ Velocity: Φ16, 40mm/min

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