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Strip Heater

Strip Heat Process
General Feature
ㆍ High Frequency, Large power capacity : 5000kW / 100kHz
ㆍ High effectiveness by cut cost as High Power ratio,(kW : VxA), high efficiency
ㆍ High Reliability by high functional system design (electrostatic force, constant currnet, really heat amount, etc)
ㆍ Available remote control and monitoring, recording, tracking by fully digital control
Structure /physical feature
ㆍ Each induction coil separately operation
ㆍ Among process easy maintenance funtion
ㆍ Coil structure of Electromagnetism cover type
ㆍ Low electromagnetism copy near coil
LLC resonance circuit
ㆍ LLC resonance circuit and inverter output (high current)
ㆍ Special advantage share structure by Parallel and series resonance circuit
ㆍ Easy circuit coil which matching method have stability and structure in strength
CGL GA Heater Line
Strip Coat Dryer Line
Overview Diagram
ㆍ Post treatment of EGL, CGL, PGL, APL, etc
ㆍ Surface heat treatment for stable frequency
ㆍ Improvement Coil structure of Electromagnetic
     cover type
ㆍ Straight coating dry line(post process)
Application View
ㆍ Improvement about stability of 300kW each module structure
ㆍ Easy maintenance of cover detachable
ㆍ Dry coil of strip coating / Vertical type
ㆍ 1200kW IGBT type inverter

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