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Business Info

PSTEK’s products are recognized as the world’s best technology especially in the field of high-capacity high-efficiency induction heating and they have been exported to the world, as well as import substitution. CGL(Continuous Galvanizing Line) process is the process to produce a galvanized steel sheet for the automobiles and GA heater is a part of CGL(Continuous Galvanizing Line) to make an alloy of coated zinc and steel. However, a few induction heating companies in developed countries used to dominate GA heater technology but we have succeeded in beginning home production of it by PSTEK’s own technology in 2007.
In 2012, we can now grade up with the developed countries and we have the ability to design the thousands of kW-class high-frequency inverters. And we have substituted foreign equipments for PSTEK’s products in a variety of other electronic business areas. Especially, we have analyzed the problems of foreign equipments and considered the characteristics of the company’s production line. And we have built customer loyalty by designing the circuit by PSTEK’s original technology and serving existing customers with care.
In addition, in the field of induction heating, we have also succeeded in developing the equipments in the field of extra-large heat treatment facilities, such as ball lace, extra-large gear, large rolling roll, marine screw axis and so on and those equipments have been used by the leading internal companies. PSTEK’s Induction heating Pipe Welder which had invested in research and development for many years has expanded the market of PSTEK business area based on the excellent performance.

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